Monday, November 17, 2008

West wingnut

The West Wing is my new crack.

I have no idea where I was from 1999-2006, when the show originally aired. Well, I know where I was, I just can't pin down the specifics of why I didn't watch it. It has all my favorite things - great writing, witty banter, smart female characters, realistic plot lines and a talented cast and crew to bring it all together. I'm sorry I missed it the first time around, and although I've caught a glimpse or two on Bravo, it's not the kind of show where you can jump feet first into one episode and know all you need to know to understand it (like Law & Order). Add to that the following:
  1. Continued media/blog speculation that "the West Wing is coming true" with the election of Obama and his appointment of Rahm Emanuel (alleged inspiration for the "Josh Lyman" character on WW),

  2. there is nothing on now that Mad Men is over for the season and Lost won't be on until January (!!)

  3. my increased need for escapist entertainment during this, the busiest season of my work year

  4. my neighbors, Meg & Mo (aka Two Ladies In Waiting) and Lyrical Uncertainty & his wife Muffin, blathering on about their mutual love of WW and arguing over whether a certain incident happened in season 2 or season 3

  5. the fact that said neighbors have most seasons on DVD

... and you have a recipe for me becoming a hermit. I watched 5 episodes in one sitting yesterday.

Ooh! And because I love floor plans almost as much as I love maps, look what I found online:

Gotta go. Episode 10 is about to start, and The Lounging Party is waiting for me.


only a movie said...

I'll have to check that one out. I am totally into watching TV shows on dvd in marathon sessions. That's how we watched 24, and last winter it was Lost. (Bought Season 4 Lost for the other half's for this winter's watching - nope didn't watch any but the first episode yet).

Marnie said...

ww is addictive - we would one, two, three episodes in a row when my daughter was younger - she loved it and it has made the current political year so exciting -
for other shows - try 30 Rock - v funny

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I think I'll have to check it out. I've been into Heros on Netflix on demand. I keep hearing about 30 Rock too.

Fifi Flowers said...

YOu are hilarious! ENJOY your new crack!

Anonymous said...

In the interest of full disclosure, you will, at some point, become troubled by certain sexist elements in the portrayal of female characters. But, for now, just relish in it. When we were so stressed about the election and we had to quit msnbc for a bit, we just mainlined (for the 100th time) seasons one and two. Mo calls it liberal porn.

lyrical uncertainty said...

Season 2 and Season 4 may be the best things ever aired on television ever.

And Mo is right. It is totally liberal porn.

knitseashore said...

I've only seen season 1, but it was a great show! We're starting to watch Mad Men off of iTunes, and I think we're on episode 4. Does it get any less post-modern dysfunctional as you go?? I love the clothes and sets but find the storylines kind of depressing.

Since we always get into TV shows long after everyone else for some reason, we're going to start watching Frasier on Netflix. I've seen episodes here and there, but it's time to dig in and watch them in order.

Hope your busy season goes by fast!

Muffin said...

Best. Show. Ever. And, I believe that we have every season on DVD. LU is going to China...I would be more that happy to catch a few episodes with you if you can tolerate my tissues.

Mumsie said...

I don't know where you were at the time either (oh, now I remember)but I never missed an episode. It was one of a small handful of shows worth going out of your way to watch (that was before we had TIVO.) Unlike this past season that is loaded with good stuff. I can't keep up. Can't wait for "Closer" and "Medium" to make their appearance.

Julia said...

Oh, a WW lover! My husband and I have the first three seasons (the ones Aaron Sorkin really had a hand in writing)! I've never watched a series that made me think more, laugh more, and love to be an American more! It's incredible!

Anonymous said...

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Raina said...

Love your new header styling!

Robin said...

Thanks Raina. It was time for a change. I don't have photoshop so the fonts are not as crisp as I'd like them to be, but I love the photo.

please sir said...

Oh I do that too and get addicted to old tv series - it is so addicting!!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I was obsessed with West Wing back in the day but lost interest in its final couple of seasons. Maybe I should rent them now and watch for the similarities they keep talking about between it and Obama's election.

I love watching TV series on DVD. My library rents them for a dollar a week, so I've been discovering all sorts of shows I never watched when they were actually on, like "Freaks and Geeks" and "Monarch of the Glen." I discovered "The Riches" the same week they announced the series was being canceled. Just my luck. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, i miss west wing. i miss toby. and josh. and mrs. laningham. i miss them all. hubby used to insist that it was josiah bartlett, and not dubya, who was his president...