Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Bird On The Block No. 29 to infinity and beyond

I have not yet caught the IFC original series Portlandia, but my dad sent me the link to this NPR story on it, with specific instructions to “watch the bird video”. It is a hilarious parody of how a design trend can go awry. 

My poor little birdies, I still love them, even if they are doomed to become passé.

PS – It’s snowing. Again.


only a movie said...



Holyoke Home said...

HA!!!!! Give your dad, like, 25 points. That was AWESOME!

Karena said...

How fun, I love it!! So Glad to find you!!

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Art by Karena

Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

OK, I finally watched it, and yea its hilarious! Makes me want to check out more Portlandia. (And avoid pigeons.)