Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Swap Booty!

Wednesday was a tough day (actually the last 4 weeks have been tough, tons of work prepping for three big conferences coming in the next 5 weeks, lots of travel, ignoring everything and everyone except working and sleeping, blah blah blah (sorry BF, family, dear friends, cats, your blog, for being so neglectful)). A long 12-hour day at work, lots of big and little fires getting put out, no time for lunch, and then at the end of the day we find out Kelly the Fab Assistant (who recently got promoted so she is Assistant no more, yay!) had her car broken into in our parking lot, for the second time in two months. It was just a poopie day all around.

But then I got home and there was a big box waiting for me…

FallSwap09 002

And inside were all kinds of amazing goodies from the lovely and talented Raina… my swap-ee in The Claw’s Fall Swap Party…

FallSwap09 003

Many of them with a birdy theme – magnets, soap, napkins, makeup case… Hmmm, however did she know I like birdies?…  ;-)

FallSwap09 009

And BTW Raina did you know two things I am mildly obsessed with are fancy soaps and cocktail napkins? Seriously, I have an entire drawer in the buffet solely for cocktail napkins. Thankfully I actually have people over for cocktails or it would seem like one of those weird hoarding things.

FallSwap09 008

{Zoe approves of the pillow. Don’t let that “Village of The Damned” look fool you, she’s a real pussycat.}

Thank you, thank you, my lovely bloggy friend, for all the beautiful goodies!

My Swap recipient was Le Claw Sherri herself, and I sent her a box o’ Connecticut goodies, possibly committing a felony in the process.


Raina Cox said...

I'm so happy you liked everything!

I went back to an old blog post of yours to verify the colors in your house. Heaven forbid I send something that clashed. That wouldn't do. ;)

Hope the next few weeks look better for you, Sweetie.

only a movie said...

Really great stuff, Robin. I'm sorry you had a crappy day, but what a nice surprise.
Love that pillow, Raina!
Have a great weekend, Ladies.

The BF said...

I can attest to the drawer full of cocktail napkins :D

sherri said...

Score! Great swap stuff. I have to tell you I LOVE that wine you sent! Opened it last night. It helped me paint our living room. Thanks again, you rock.

knitseashore said...

What a great swap! I miss doing those...there used to be lots of knitting swaps with yarn in addition to lovely treats like what you received. Enjoy!

I really hope that you have a better week soon.

Laura said...

I will vouch for the fact that Robin likes cocktail napkins. The only one's I've owned in the last five years were a gift from Robin. I keep thinking gee, I should get some more. Unfortunately I have an aversion to shopping. Robin had to drag me to get my own wedding dress.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE pillows... Zoe is GORGEOUS!!! Ooooh I need a cat!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Great swap bootie, glad it came on just the right day for you ; - )

Did I tell you that my hubs is a banquet captain at a big hotel over here? He is always working big events. And another friend has a wedding planner business. I know how hard you work.

prashant said...

Hope the next few weeks look better for you,

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