Monday, November 2, 2009

Captain Morgan And His Wench

Captain Morgan And His Wench

Aargh! Here’s a pic of The BF and I before Meg & Mo’s Halloween Party/Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.  It was quite the affair, and people really pulled out all the stops in the costume department. I think ours were the most fabulous, but I am biased.

I will forever be grateful to my parents for teaching me to be resourceful, and to my grandmother for teaching me to sew. With the exception of the skull-n-crossbones eyepatch, ring, choker and bag (Party City $20), and of course my sword (on sale at Joann Fabric for $6!), my whole outfit is repurposed or clearance items. I took a “Victorian Vampire” costume from 3 years ago, cut off all the pointy black chiffon vampire-y bits and replaced them with ivory lace (also on clearance at Joann for 50 cents a yard!). I added “cuffs” to my favorite boots with brown felt sewn into tubes and tucked into the boot tops (25 cents per sheet of felt!). My kerchief is actually a discontinued upholstery velvet sample ($1.99!). I had the tights and the belt came from some long-gone dress.

And how handsome is The Captain (again, biased). He managed to keep the wig on almost all night without melting. The hat he bought on Amazon had been smooshed in the mail, so he disassembled it, ironed out the creases, and put it in a safe place until I sewed it back into a tricorn. Zoe kept an eye on it for him:

Cat In The Hat

“yo, when it’s not a pirate hat, it’s my pimp hat”


only a movie said...

Awesome - just saw them on FB. Love your creativity. Glad you had a blast.

Raina Cox said...

The best costume(s) I've seen yet. I am in awe of your sewing/sourcing powers.

P.S. BF is a cutie!

sas said...

you make such a hot wench :)

Marie Louise said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Would have loved to be there. I spent the evening playing taxi driver to my socialites (Halloween parties, trick or treating with friends in far away neighborhoods - the 10 yr. old on crutches...)
And then, as a result of being an over protective mom, my 12 yr. old lost the (my) cell phone I had given her. I'm actually enjoying being without it. Probably because it is my work phone. :-/

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love it! I was hoping you'd show us a photo. You guys look great!

sherri said...

you guys looked awesome!

knitseashore said...

I too admire your creativity and your sewing skills. You guys look great together!

Fifi Flowers said...

You two look GREAT!!!