Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's time to play some music! It's time to light the lights!

Holy cow, you can make your own Muppet!


They are $129.99 but c'mon they are REAL MUPPETS, made by the Muppet People! More info here.


A-M said...

... it's time to get things started.... on the muppet show tonight.... the best memories of my childhood are all tied to the muppets... oh how I loved them... I think that's why I became a scientist... muppet lab and 'Beaker'. A-M xx

Bea said...

I want. NOW. But am a bit devastated that there's no Gonzo up for grabs. I'll bet only the crummy ones are left, you know, like Elmo.

(And can I just say that I love you for having that White Knot badge up? Awesome.)

sherri said...

that is so great. now i know what i want for christmas.

Emily said...

These are amazing! If I ever have money, I'm splurging on a muppet for sure.

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Those are so cute. True, they would really make a wonderful gift. I just want to have one myself.
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