Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three birds, one post


I have long wanted to join this blogger in the Random Tuesday Thoughts posts that this blogger put together. And this blogger has started a fun Fill In The Blanks series. And I have a half-dozen half-started blog posts (including one that somehow includes both Michael Crichton’s art collection and the Times Square bomber. I know, right?). So in the interest of posting something new, here are my Random Tuesday Thoughts via Fill In The Blank:

1. My guiltiest pleasure is really trashy chick-lit novels. Also gossip mags at the hairdresser (where I’m headed tomorrow night to get the roots done).
2. I can't wait to watch both Glee and Lost tonight (nerd alert)
3. The last song I listened to was something by Mountain that my boss was playing a little too loudly in his office. I curse the day I introduced him to Pandora. Not because of Mountain, but because of the constant onslaught of music I didn’t pick. I don’t know how he gets anything done.
4. You really can't beat a good book. No relation to #1 above.
5. My least favorite sound is the cats trying to break into the bedroom (plaintive meowing and standing on hind legs to rattle the doorknob. Obnoxious) at 5 am looking for their breakfast when it is clearly not breakfast time. Also see #3 above. I love the sound of the Italian language. Too bad I don’t understand a word of it (except the ones related to food and wine).

Ciao, bellas. More Random Tuesday fun at the UnMom.


sherri said...

you indeed made me work, but love your answers! thanks for playing along and you shall never be deleted on my sidebar, i hope you realize that~!

only a movie said...

Other half is such a Lost Geek that he refuses to catch up (we watch on dvd and not even in the current season)... because he knows the end is near and he 'wants to savor it'.
Glee, however, can't wait. At least for me. Last night's was like heaven.
Glad you played along. I always like visiting your blog.

Raina Cox said...

Good morning from a woman woken up by her cat me-owling and trying to rip the door off its hinges.