Saturday, April 19, 2008

Black and white and I toile you so

{meghan fabric from Rubie Green}

There is something so refreshing about a crisp black and white print, especially when it is something unexpected like these pineapples from Rubie Green. "Rubie Green" is actually 25 (!!!) year old Michelle Adams, a former Domino market editor who left the publishing biz to pursue her dream of designing beautiful upholstery fabrics and producing them in an eco-friendly way.

{Country Life fabric by Waverly}

When I first moved to my current apartment I stiched up drapes and a duvet cover in Waverly's black and white Country Life toile, a pattern I have loved-loved-loved forever (and by "forever" I mean waaay before toile went from being "classic" to "the latest trend" to "ubiquitous" to "so passe you can find it at Ocean State Job Lot"). Now it seems commonplace and pedestrian. Thankfully the other side of the duvet is natural muslin, which looks great with the new natural muslin drapes and coffee-with-extra-milk walls. Someday I may feel the toile love again, and I'll flip the duvet over and rehang the drapes and be ahead of the curve. Everything old is new again, n'est pas?


Marnie said...

Hi Robin - such a coincidence that you just posted about Rubie Green - design*sponge just posted in the last day or two a chair done in a very cool pink and white bold zig zag - there was no mention of the fabric designer - and I wanted to know and then voila - a click from your post to Rubie Green and there it is - called East Village - I just love these "webversations" such fast connections - fascinating -

Robin said...

Marnie, I knew you would be all over those Rubie Green prints, you fabric maven!

knitseashore said...

I really enjoy Domino magazine too and the different prints they feature in their design articles. It's hard to find things like that where I live -- you're so lucky to know how to sew.

Mrs.French said...

Black and white is beautiful because of its simplicity...25!!! A bit more productive than myself at that age! :)

MABELLE said...

I just stumbled across this and am SO flattered! Thank you for the post- and for everybody's kind comments :) I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share my thoughts and designs with fellow bloggers like you!