Sunday, April 6, 2008

New bird on the block No. 7

{Little Bird Screenprinted flat notes by sarahparrott825}

Here is a sweet little bird on a thistle, waiting to send greetings and salutations hither and yon. You can buy him and some of his friends at Sarah Parrott's Etsy shop, Things Are Better With A Parrott.


pve design said...

love this bird.
lovely color.

a little bird said...

aw, i love this bird!

funny about our name: my dad, who is the biggest cheesehead of all time (very corny), used to have this conversation with me when i was little -

me: daddy, why did you name me robin?
dad: because bertha was taken.
me: no seriously
dad: because robins are the first sign of spring. they say cheer-up.
me: that's dumb
dad: but it fits, doesn't it? you were the first sign of my spring.

aw, memories. thanks for a lovely blog, i'm really glad i found you!

Marnie said...

Hi Robin:
Thanks for visiting. I was so excited to receive my second comment. My family is a little worried that I will become addicted to this activity. I keep checking for new visitors ... they made me read today's NYT's article about the bloggers who never stop and develop health problems; two of whom have died in the last couple of weeks. It is 24/7 -or can be - last night I could not sleep and the blog work in the stillness of night was a great way to clear my mind of other thoughts that were making my sleep restless.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Welcome to blogland...I saw your post at Marnnie's
It's the best way to connect and I have a thing for birdies too!!

Robin said...

pve - thanks, turquoise and robin's egg (of course) are two of my favorite colors.

little bird - my name was supposed to be Michael.... surprise! it's a girl!

Marnie - I saw that article too, I think those people were predisposed to be workaholics no matter what their profession. No job or hobby is worth anyone's health. And its not like they were curing cancer!

Jennifer, thanks for the welcome and come back soon, and bring all your friends, I have way more New Birds on the Block coming!

thak you all for your comments, Sunday was my best traffic day so far....

Marnie said...

Hi Robin - I love all your work on ETSY - i tried in vain to send you an email - clicked on the envelope and composed the e-mail but then couldn't find your address - as you can see - I am a novice - any help will be appreciated - my email

Marnie said...

Hi Robin - I figured out how to post pics - not that hard really - just had to read a few how-tos.... thanks for the encouragement