Thursday, April 17, 2008

Form and function

Me, to neighbor, while digging through cabinet next to stove and moving utilitarian red fire extinguisher out of the way:

"Why are these things so ugly? Why can't they be prettier? Then I wouldn't feel compelled to hide it in the cabinet."

Well, the smart folks at Sweden's FireInvent have come up with a stylish alternative to the ugly red (but necessary) safety tool:

{form AND function. What a novel idea! by FireInvent Design}

Wish I thought of it first....


a little bird said...

ooohhh i love it! so cool.

now i just need to buy one.

:) love your style!

Diana said...

great idea!

littlebyRD said...

We don't have a fire extinguisher at home and I always say we need to get one and then forget. Thanks for the reminder. And these are so cool I might just remember this time around!

Mrs.French said...

Leave it to much better than my clunker above the fridge.