Saturday, September 27, 2008

Make that thrice

{Anika Moa CD, all the way from Kiwiland}

Another lovely package from another lovely blogger. This time, an Anika Moa CD courtesy of Raina of If The Lampshade Fits. Raina is an American ex-pat living in New Zealand (aka Kiwiland) and blogging about design, art, fashion, and the Kiwi take on American politics and culture. She's not afraid to pick apart some of the design mistakes that are out there (hello, Kelly "I love the 80s" Wearstler, are you listening?), and her sense of design is surpassed only by her sense of humor. She had posted a video from this artist and when I lamented that stupid American iTunes did not yet have this CD (and it wouldn't let me buy it from one of the international versions), she offered to send me a copy. I've already listened to it three times and will probably wear it out tomorrow while I clean the house and get ready for lunch guests and dinner guests.
In exchange for this musical goody, I'll be sending some issues of Cookie magazine off to NZ to help feed Raina's magazine addiction.... Thanks Raina!


only a movie said...

Oooh, how cool. I saw the other box too. I'd better get to work!

Marie Louise said...

Well well well - look at you and all your prezies! Arriving from all ends of the globe. How jealous am I?! Love the peony cards. Saw that Laura in Paris had the original hanging in her bedroom. Luck you!

Raina said...

You're quite welcome, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

sherri said...

so glad Raina swapped with you since she didn't officially do the claw swap. Cookie rocks too, I'm sure she will like it. I will have to give that Anika Moa a relisten, you have my ears perked up.