Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spreading the Love

My bestest friend in real life, Marie Louise of Cottage Industries, bestowed this award upon me, which is only fitting as I'm the one who hooked her up with her blogging addiction. Now I'm supposed to give it to 7 blogs that I love, which is harder than it seems because everybody has already gotten this award. This means either I can't think independently, or we all have very good taste. I pick "B".

1 comment:

magpiesandmagnolias said...

I too love your blog!

Thanks for the comment. You most certainly should have purchased that baby all those years ago. I have a 2002 Passat, and you are right, they certainly aren't the same!

Amos Lee was awesome. He puts on a very intimate concert. His voice is just to die for. I love that he sings/plays so many different styles of music. He is truly an artist.

Have a lovely Wednesday!