Thursday, September 25, 2008

The postman rang twice

{An unexpected package from Fifi Flowers: notecards of a painting that
she did of
one of my photos, plus another of her lovely creations}

Last month I wrote a post about how nice it is to receive mail that is not a bill, and encouraging you to send a note to a friend just to say "hi". If any of you did your homework, a good 20 or so people got a nice surprise in the mail, including yours truly. Fifi Flowers decided to send a note to me (on one of her own notecards of course), and surprised me with a bundle of blank notecards, on the front of which are prints of a painting she made from my photo of peonies.

{A beautifully wrapped package from A-M of
that I
was expecting, with an extra surprise gift}

I, in turn, used one of the peony cards to write a thank you note to A-M, of The House That A-M Built, to thank her for the purse I won on her giveaway. The package I had received from her was beautifully wrapped (and well packed for it's trip half-way around the world) and included an extra surprise -she included the flocked pink notecards that had admired in her web store, Armchair Trader. So of course I used one of those to write a thank you note to Fifi!

Hmm... who shall I write a note to next?


please sir said...

WOW - so many great goodies!!!

Teal Chic said...

Congrats on your pretty new cards! Fifi is awesome, as are you!

Marnie said...

hi robin - i received a wonderful letter in the mail from a blogger friend and i think she was inspried by your post - i, in turn, sent 6 overdue letters to many and varied people last weekend - i have a couple more to go.

glad you recieved some "bloglove"

Raina said...

I love it when Karma works.

How awesome is Fifi?!?

littlebyRD said...

Very nice!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... I was popping over to thank you for the thank you notecard... and I had NO idea it came all the way from Australia and A-M's store... it's a beautiful note card! The blog world gets more amazing everyday!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I sent my sister a card after her visit. She sent me an email telling me how much she loved it. I loved this post and hop I keep up a card in the mail.

Your notecards are beautiful by the way.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh write one to me for finding your blog! I really like it and those cards are too cute...i`ll have to snoop around a little more until I find where you posted the original pictures of the peonies.
Thanks, see ya!