Sunday, June 1, 2008

I love my DVR, and Sarah Richardson

I have been battling The Mother of All Colds since Tuesday night, hence the lack of posts. Between fits of coughing and being in a coma sleeping, I have been learning how to program my new DVR (yes, I am late to the game). Now that I have this newfangled toy, I can catch all the design shows that I can never remember when they are on, including one of my favorite Canadian designers, Sarah Richardson. I had my own mini-marathon of her yesterday. I love her style, her sass (in the episode with the LR/DR combo (pics below) she kept replaying the tape of the client saying "I defer to you" every time the client disagreed!) and that she is not afraid to show her clients used furniture that can be reupholstered vs the "all new all the time" approach that others have.

{client kitchen before}

{client kitchen after}

{client living/dining room before}

{and after. ALL photos from Fine Living Network site}

I also like that she shows the sometimes tedious and non-glamorous side of the all the details and time that go into a design project. Things like having furniture delivered, taken away, redelivered, etc. so the client can see it in the space. Or waiting around for the client to meet them on the shopping trip, or going to ten different shops to find the right sofa, or finding out that because of one delay, the whole project is on hold until the carpenter is available again. Too many design shows, in an effort to keep up with the pacing and presto-chango that viewers expect after seeing "reality" design shows like While You Were Out, Trading Spaces and the completely unrealistic Extreme Makeover, make it seem like the Magic Decor Fairies come in and do everything overnight.

A-M over at The House that A-M Built, is chronicling the long process of having a house built from the ground up, and the millions of tiny decisions that go along with it. She started on April 1 when they acquired the land. The first hole wasn't dug until May 28. Where are those magic overnight fairies when you need them?


The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Robin, thanks for the mention! I love following your blog. Yes it's a long drawn out process but I am just loving the detail and the decisions to be made. We actually aquired the land 2 years ago this June and had had an architect design a home that we could not afford to build so it was back to the drawing board with a new builder, no architect, last September. It has taken all that time to just get to the block cutting stage and probably another 2 months to do the retaining walls and pool before they start on the house.... ahh delayed gratification is ever so sweet but one MUST enjoy the journey! A-M xx PS I have left a little thank you to you over at my digs!

Marie Louise said...

If it makes you feel any better - I don't know what a DVR is. My husband doesn't know either (surprise) - just asked him. We think it plays DVDs.
Guess we're not game show material.

Robin said...

AM, wow, it's even longer than I thought! We'll enjoy the journey with you (see, you're never alone). And thanks for the blog mention, complete with banner!

ML, I hate to break it to you, but you actually have a DVR. Its a Digital Video Recorder and its part of your cable box. Remember last summer when we stopped it from recording Cris Angel for Rochelle so you and I could watch either Mad Men or Project Runway? Yeah, that thing.

knitseashore said...

If I have a chandelier similar to the one in the "before" photo, and it has bluebirds on the shade, does that mean anything? I noticed the before photo was very traditional, and th after photo very modern/minimalist, so now I'm wondeirng if the clients had a complete change of style?

If you don't have cable, can you still record things on a DVD player, or do you have to record them on something else? Our VCR is dying...not sure what the options are.

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

What ever became of the beautiful blue glass artifacts in the window? Why does that little ice box item remind me of the little cabinet Larry made you when you were but a wee child having tea parties with your play dishes and dolls? Lastly, how many years did it take us to remake our little five-room cape? Think about that one why don't ya!!!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

I still don't have a DVR... I like to watch shows online... maybe someday I will join the rest of you and get a DVR.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. How luck for you to see Matisse in Morroco exhibit... I have the book from the exhibit.
I try to see his exhibits whenever I can! Love Matisse!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Hi Robin, thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself...I LOVE your blog and have already devoured several of your delicious posts.

I consider myself fairly tech savvy and still haven't figured out how to operate my DVR. I've recorded shows but have no idea where they go??? :)

I look forward to many happy returns here. ~suzanne

P.S. And chipped blue willow with Peonies...absolute perfection!

Mrs.French said...

We don't have DVR...I just thought it was right to admit that and this seemed like the perfect place to do it.

Seriously, wonderful images. Sarah Richardson is amazing!

littlebyrd said...

Have it, love it! We decided to get one after once again forgetting to record Law & Order, which at the time, with a new baby at home, was one of our only sources of entertainment!
Haven't seen that design show and it sounds fabulous - will have to go program the dvr to record it. Thanks!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm totally addicted to my DVR and don't know how I possibly lived without one for so long. I haven't seen any commercials in a long time, and I watch all of my HGTV shows in no time flat.

I do like Sarah Richardson. Great makeover.

Hope you feel better soon! -Julia

P.S. I'm updating my blogroll tonight and adding your site to it. Thanks! :-)

Marnie said...

Hi Robin - hope you feel better soon - we love the dvr but i am hopeless when it comes to operating it - if i try hard enough i can figure it out -

please sir said...

Very neat room photos - that is so funny about your tarot card reading! The psychic also told me I would start my own business and have twins...ekkk...not ready for any of that!