Sunday, March 30, 2008

The early bird

{photo from Spunky Sprout}

With a name like "Robin", I have a penchant for bird-related things. Every year for Christmas my dad used to buy me a robin-themed ornament. When I moved out and decorated my first Christmas tree with all those ornaments, the tree had a decidedly robin's egg blue theme, which I have added to over the years. The rug above is from a children's decor company, but I think it would look fabulous in my bedroom.

{photo from Decor Green}

And I love the crewel work on this pillow.

Whitney Smith's pottery has clean lines and gorgeous colors, but I love the simplicity of this white bowl with three wee birds perched on its rim.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin! I love bird related things too. I know it's been a trend as of late but it is simple ...pretty. Welcome to you too. I'm finding I start looking at too many other blogs and how great they are~then I have a panic attack and don't want to write or can't! I have to ground myself and remember what I really love and then boom. Have a good day!

pve design said...

whitney has a way with clay and these pots with birds are calling my name!