Monday, March 31, 2008

New birds on the block Nos. 4 & 5

I keep finding more lovely birdie items out there and if I keep adding to my (virtual) collection it could get out of hand. But then there is the sunny side - if I start cataloging them who knows how many fab finds could feather this nest?

{from A Collage A Day}

Randel Plowman is a new fave, his collages are like snapshots of three or four random things going through your mind at once, but in a calm, not chaotic, way. He features a lot of birds in his work, as well illustrations from vintage advertisements, and a couple of things that look like sample pages from my 10th grade algebra textbook.

Here is a dainty hankie to keep in your purse, hand embroidered by stichado and available in her Etsy shop. It is almost too pretty to wipe your nose on, but just think of all the tissues you will keep out of the landfill.

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