Friday, March 28, 2008

I want a bath

{photo from Country Living}

Specifically, I want a bath in a clawfoot tub like this, in a bathroom like this. But alas, to is not to be, at least not for the time being, considering that I live in a condo in an apartment-style building, with no window in the bath, and nowhere near this much room. Oh, sure, there's a tub in there, but it is your basic shower/tub combo, without the length or depth of a tub like this. And I am 5'9" without the heels, so the one or two times I tried to take a bath in my tub, I could never get the full-immersion experience that a proper bath requires. Either my upper body was under water and my legs were out, or my legs were under and the rest of me shivered above-board.

So, #87 on the Things To Do When I Win The Lottery list is to redo the whole bath with a lovely, lovely tub like this, and to luxuriate in it on a regular basis.

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