Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger

Research firm Prince & Associates Inc. carried out a survey of 191 men and women with a net worth of at least $20 million. More than 80 percent of the men said they planned to give lower “allowances” to their mistresses, and almost as many would offer fewer gifts.

In tough economic times, the incentive to become a kept lover may increase. After all, other ways of making easy money are looking less certain by the day.

“I foresee a growing desire on the part of many people -- male and female -- to be kept,” Prince said in an e-mailed response to questions (by, not by me). “A bad economy like the one we’re experiencing will only make the good life ever more attractive.”

More ridiculousness here.


My Castle in Spain said...

this ridiculousness really cracks me up...i've read a similar article, can't remember where..

(i love your label for this post : the rich are different)

Raina said...

Huh. I wonder how people with such admirable morals led the U.S. into the current mess.

Robin said...

Lala - so nice to "see" you again in the comments! The phrase is from an alleged conversation between F Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway: FSF - "The rich are different from you and me" EH - "Yes, they have more money". It is also the title of a novel from the 80s I think.

Raina, it was the 20% who opted not to lower their mistresses' allowances and gifts that led us into this mess. They really should have been more frugal.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad my mom raised me well. I don't know how these women live with themselves. Obviously without morals. One should be so proud.....

knitseashore said...

With the current unemployment rate so high, and the return on investments so low, it only makes me wonder what these women will do when they run out of acceptable keepers?

I second what dolcechic said. :)