Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes, girls just wanna have… an air pollution study and a scholarship opportunity

Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah pose with their Google Science Fair trophies (made of Legos!)

This article about the winners of the Google Science Fair has me seeing red. The story is so inspirational (out of 10,000 entries from 91 countries, three teen girls took home trophies for amazing projects on improving treatment of ovarian cancer, carcinogens in grilled chicken, and reducing reliance on asthma treatment), yet the author ruins it with references to how "cute" the winners are and marvels that despite being girls, they can manage to not mention Bieber! Why do we continue to encourage the idea that girls need to apologize for being smart? It is this type of cultural attitude that keeps young women from pursuing math and science degrees and careers. Fast Company FAIL.

On a lighter note, I am digging the Lego trophies.

Speaking of Google, I’ve been playing around on Google+. So far it is like a vary spare, clean version of Facebook, and similar to Twitter, you can link to people without them “friending” you back. It will be more fun when more people sign up. Email me if you want an invite to try it yourself.


Raina Cox said...

Oooo, that burns me up too!

On a related note, a Lego store recently opened in our nearest mall and I told the Hubs I wanted to see if they had a kit The Pea might like. He looked at me like I was crazy and said,"They don't have anything for girls there." I nearly knocked his block off!

And the weird thing is he's usually so pro-woman it's not to be believed.

Karena said...

Robin, I totally agree, some of this thinking is so ingrained and just rampant. The young ladies are brilliant.

I do love the trophies!

Art by Karena

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Robin said...

Raina, maybe he was worried she wouldn't share her Legos with him! (I can see it now, you and The Pea putting the finishing touches on the Falling Water kit...)